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Use cases

Voxpopme’s versatile solutions give you the option of bringing video into any new or existing research study in minutes.

Video discovery

Get closer to what people think, feel and do

Video discovery is a quick and cost-effective alternative to traditional qualitative research, providing an agile video solution that gets you closer to real people. In a matter of clicks, you can see what customers think, feel and do in their natural environment.

To get started, outline your core questions and your desired target audience to help Voxpopme source your respondents. Once your project is defined, we’ll get your study into field and return video insight at an unrivalled speed.

Video discovery
Pentland Reckitt Benckiser

Video confirmation

Get the human story behind your findings

Voxpopme videos can be collected alongside or after a survey to boost the impact of your results.Video confirmation adds weight to your research by supplementing your quant study with scalable video feedback from respondents with similar specifications.

Perhaps your quantitative research has identified insights that need deeper investigation, or you’d like to bring to life a segmentation - it’s all possible with video confirmation

Video confirmation
Accenture Givaudan


Bring your CX programme to life

VideoCX enables you to capture and share rich customer stories through a video first CX solution.

Go beyond scores, deepen your customer understanding and engage your entire organization by using video to hear your customers talk about their personal experience in their own words

Microsoft Verizon

Video moments

Get to the heart of the moment

Moments is our dedicated qualitative solution, providing a seamless video experience for both respondents and moderators.

Simply devise your study and invite your respondents to take part in the Voxpopme Moments app, available on iOS and Android. Respondents just need your unique study code to unlock your most pertinent questions in-app.

Video moments
Camelot Firefly

Video feedback

See the real response

Voxpopme videos let you see the real human response to the concepts, adverts, products, places and experiences you share with them. Video feedback is designed to help you see and understand these genuine interactions without the constraints of traditional video.

Test new product concepts, TV ads or positioning statements and capture genuine feedback on what's working and what's not. Survey scores can help you pick a winner, but if you're looking to refine a concept or piece of creative, the feedback you capture from consumers, in their own words, will prove invaluable.

Video feedback
Hyundai Fitbit

Video explore

Discover more in your existing content

Voxpopme’s analytics help you make sense of your video data with transcription, tagging, search and filter and automated categorization. Our upload and import tools enable you to get more out of the video content you own, regardless of the original source.

Video explore is a self-serve solution thanks to our simple interface for uploading and importing both new and existing content. So, all you need is an audible video file, and the best of Voxpopme’s analytics can be yours.

Video explore
Meijer McKinsey & Company

Video opens

Bring your surveys to life

Voxpopme videos can be added to your surveys as open-ended questions for a quick and simple way to bring a human voice to your data. Video opens are the hottest question type in the research world, offering the most versatile solution for anyone looking to enrich their research with video.

A simple block of code can be used to add video opens into any survey whether you’re designing yours on Qualtrics, Sparq (Vision Critical), Survey Gizmo or capturing feedback in your mobile apps and web pages. It takes minutes to turn those tired text boxes into video open-ends to gain rich, contextual insight.

Video opens
Clorox Verizon

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